Sewer Cleaning Nozzles

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Sewer Cleaning Nozzles

Nozzteq Sewer Cleaning Nozzles

When it comes to cleaning technology “everything starts with the nozzle” according to Bo Larsson, CTO AquaTeq Sweden AB. “It’s what does all the work”. Historically little attention has been paid to nozzle design and performance. In conventional nozzles water hits the front and then is forced out the rear. This results in undisciplined, weak, and poorly defined water stream that quickly turns into mist very close to the nozzle.

The importance of nozzle design was first settled in Sweden 1983 by Bo Larsson in cooperation with Malmo Municipality and the Swedish Water and Sewage Work’s Association. An investigation with the task to find the key factors to efficient sewer cleaning started to develop. Different jetting machines where used and tested as well as different nozzle designs. The results showed that it all came down to the nozzle design.

All Predator™ nozzles have a design precisely balancing pump flow and pressure by looping it around a patented system of conduits. This results in a disciplined, well defined and powerful water stream that stays together longer and farther behind the nozzle. The first Predator™ nozzle, developed by Bo Larsson, was the Jaws Nozzle. In the Predator™ series you also find the Hammerhead™, Orca™, C-Ray™, Missile™ and the Golden™ nozzle. All of them developed for a certain purpose to offer you the best solution to your cleaning task.